Packing for a Trip with Baby | Bonus Downloadable Checklist

Why is it that when you are getting ready to travel, babies need 8 billion things? Haha. I have traveled my whole life, and packed for summers in Canada. But for some reason, packing to hang out for the day, or a weekend, I always seem to be missing something. We have a family reunion this weekend, and this time, I am determined to remember all the things. So I created a checklist to help! (You can download it at the end of the post!)

How to Survive Going Back to Work After Maternity Leave

I’m a bit of an introvert, and love being home. This has increased so much since having Miss Via. I love being home with my baby and watching all her moments where she learns something new, and spending time reading books, playing with toys and cuddle time. Eventually, our dream is for me to work READ MORE