Shannon | Senior Session

Is there anything better than the fall colors? I love the leaves and the bright happy, glow-y colors. Shannon was one of our cute seniors this fall and it was so fun to enjoy the last of the warm weather out in the sunshine!

When I was a senior, I dreamed of being a music teacher. I wanted to teach elementary students how to love music like I did in school. I had been in band and choir my whole school career, and that seemed the natural path for me. But in the middle of my senior year, there were nation wide budget cuts to schools. Schools lost a lot of staff. Elementary music teachers no longer had jobs… and suddenly my dream career was gone.

But I was also doing something different my senior year. I was working on earning some extra college credits, and ended up taking a photography and Photoshop editing class. I started taking pictures of my family members and friends. One day, I was taking pictures of my cousins to update my grandmother’s “bragging wall”, when I had the thought, ‘I could do this everyday.’ And then it hit me, I could do this every day.

That day in my senior year was a huge turning point in my future. I went to BYU-Idaho and majored in Fine Arts, with an emphasis in photography, and minor in web business and design. And that started a now 10 year journey to become a photographer.

Senior year is a pivotal point for a lot of people. It’s the moment where we become adults, and have to make real life decisions. Some of us have more practice at that than others at the time, but it’s a universal point where we as a group start to make decisions that determine what the rest of our lives will look like. Will we go to college or a trade school? Will we move out of our parents’ house? Will we start working right out of high school? Marry our high school sweetheart (some of us are thankful that was a no, haha)?

To all the seniors out there this year, we love you! The 2020 pandemic has kind thrown a wrench in a lot of your typical senior year plans, but all those big things still are here! Your big adventure is just beginning, and we are so excited for you!

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