Packing for a Trip with Baby | Bonus Downloadable Checklist


Why is it that when you are getting ready to travel, babies need 8 billion things? Haha. I have traveled my whole life, and packed for summers in Canada. But for some reason, packing to hang out for the day, or a weekend, I always seem to be missing something. We have a family reunion this weekend, and this time, I am determined to remember all the things. So I created a checklist to help! (You can download it at the end of the post!)

Different places we go need different things, so I tried to make a comprehensive list, and then I can just cross of things I don’t need each time.

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How are you gonna feed the baby? This is a little easier if you breastfeed, but as I use formula, we pack that. So depending on where I am going, I ask myself some questions in order to make sure I have everything. How many hours/days will we be there? Should I bring the travel container, or the whole tub? Does where we are going have filtered water, or do I need to bring some? Will she need baby food as well? Snacks? How many bottles should I pack? Will I need something to clean them with?


How many days will we be there? Has been my child been more prone to blowouts or spitting up lately? If so, how many extra outfits should I take just in case? Has it been hot, or cold? Will they need extra socks, or a jacket? Are we going to be outside? Will they need a sunhat? Or a swimming suit and swim diaper? Will they need hair bows or those kinds of accessories? Will we be going somewhere fancier like church? Asking questions like this will mean you will have all the clothes baby will need for the trip.


What is baby going to do while you’re visiting? Now, I recommend not bringing a ton of things in this category, because it makes it harder to keep track of things, but it’s definitely important to make sure you have some things to keep baby entertained! I like to pack a book something, like her crinkly book, a rattle of some sort or keys that she can shake, and a stuffed animal. That way we have some variety for what she has, but it’s not a ton of things to keep track of.


We love to visit our parents’ houses. Making sure that we have everything for bedtime definitely helps those trips be more fun! (Because believe me, when we forgot turtle or elephant… it was not as fun haha) Where is baby going to sleep? Do you need to bring the playpen? Will you need blankets to make a “mattress”? Does baby have a special stuffed animal or noise machine that helps them sleep? How many pairs of jammies will they need?


Our baby is in that six month stage, where we are starting to teeth, she eats more solid foods, and we are getting shots now and then. That means we usually have to pack things just in case. We always have gripe water, baby Tylenol, and Oragel on hand. (Yep, we’ve also learned that the hard way.)


DIAPERS. Bring the diapers! And the wipes, and the rash cream… just bring them.


Then there’s bath time! Most of the time you aren’t going to need to bring a towel, unless you like your baby’s hooded towel. But you definitely are going to want baby soap, and probably a toy for bath time!

Odds and Ends

Last, but not least, those little odds and ends. Those things that your baby needs, but I left it blank, because yours may not be the same as mine. We like to have baby sunscreen, and alcohol free lotion on hand. With COVID, we pack extra wet wipes and hand sanitizer in the diaper bag. But by using the list, your trip should be as smooth as possible!

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