Our Summer Bucket List

I am so excited for summer to come! But this year feels a little different with all of the varying restrictions going on. Liam also is in school online, since he’s in the Spring Semester at BYU-Idaho. I don’t want to feel like I missed my “summer” though, so I am creating a summer bucket list, of easy, cheap things to do to have some fun family time! 

Have a Picnic

I love those old romantic stories and movies, with the giant planned picnics, but I don’t have the checkered cloth and basket yet, so for this summer, it’ll probably be fried chicken or sandwiches, honestly. 

Go to a Novelty Pop Shop

This is one of Liam’s FAVORITE things to do. We have tried to go to most of the shops in the area. We still have to try the BarberPop Shop in Rexburg, but currently our favorites are Sodavine in Rexburg, and Fizz Bizz in Rigby. Sodavine’s Butterbeer and sugar cookies are amazing! And if you are looking for something not carbonated, the UBER DRIVER at Fizz Bizz is the BOMB. It makes for a quick, cheap date, but still feels like you got to go on a date, even if it’s the drive through with the baby in the backseat.

Go on Walks in the Nature Park

Close to our house, there is a cute walking path that I love. It has a small lake, lots of trees, with a small park, and lots of ducks. When I was in college, I would go there to take pictures for classes. When we were dating, Liam and I would go there on walks, and to feed the ducks. I’m looking forward to going this year with my baby in the stroller. 

Have Movie Night in a Fort

Does anyone else love to relive childhood for a little while as an adult? I love remaking some of my mom’s traditions from when I was a child, and creating new ones for our little family! We have “build a blanket fort” on our bucket list this year. We’re going to watch Disney movies, make Orange Julius and popcorn with apples, and maybe camp out in our living room. 

Visit Local Scenic Attractions

This one totally depends on your area, but here in Eastern Idaho, some places we would like to see this summer are Yellowstone, the St. Anthony Sand dunes, the Tetons, Jackson, and hiking R Mountain. When I was a kid, there were a couple summers when my mom was single that she couldn’t afford big vacations, so she took my brother and I on little day trips where we could see local things, like Shoshone Falls, the Ice Caves, and Massacre Rock. 

Play Catch

Liam loves baseball. He loves to go out to fields and practice hitting, and playing catch. This is definitely a must for us for summer! 

Play in the Sprinklers

Via is a little fish. She loves playing in the bathtub, and when we’ve been able to go swimming. I had planned to spend the summer by the splash pad, but with quarantine, it doesn’t look like that will open much this summer. So as a substitute, sprinklers, and kiddie plastic pools from Walmart are definitely in order. 

Read Books 

I spend all year at school preparing to teach students to read, or reading the required reading for school. But I am dying to read books for me… Books I’ve read recently that I’ve loved have included Rachel Hollis’s ‘Girl, Wash Your Face,’ ‘Girl, Stop Apologizing’, ‘Simplified Life’ by Emily Ley, and ‘Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey. Any recommendations? Send them my way! 

Have a Spa Night

Ok guys, I love spa time. This is some time where I can have me-time, as a busy teacher, business owner, wife, mom, juggling all of the hats. But, I mostly do it at home. Liam is a great sport and will do masks with me. When I was pregnant, he would even paint my toes. I use my favorite body scrubs from Bath and Body works, paint my toes, sometimes paint my nails, and a Walmart mask for about $1-2. 

Go to the Drive In

These are so fun, and perfect for social distancing. We are excited to go, and it’s great that we can bring our baby without really disturbing too many other movie goers, since we are in our car! Ours is just a few dollars and normally has a double feature! 

And that is our summer bucket list. Not too expensive, but lots of summer adventures to remember this crazy 2020 year.

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