Get Ready for Summer Photos

I am so excited about having our annual family pictures done at a small reunion in a two weeks. We started taking family pictures every summer about 6 years ago. I love having updated pictures on my mom’s wall. But pictures can also be stressful for a lot of people. Here are a few things I like to do before pictures to make sure I’m looking my best!

Get Coordinating Outfits

In our family, we pick colors for pictures several months in advance. I like to get outfits that coordinate, but aren’t too “matchy”. Check out our blog post about how to pick outfits for your session here. You can also check our Pinterest boards for inspiration!

Tan Skin

Ok, so pictures are coming, we are in the middle of summer, and we all want that beautiful “summer glow”. Some people like to tan outside, or in a tanning bed. I tan fairly well on my arms, neck and face, but my legs stay ghostly white all summer long. So naturally, I have tried several self-tanner lotions. My absolute favorites are Rodan and Fields Foaming Sunless Tan Foam (runs about $27) or if I have more time to plan ahead, and want to save a little money Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer has also worked really well. (It’s just a lot slower to show the tan).

Get the Hairs Did

I personally believe changing your hair, whether it’s a new cut, or changing the color or something totally changes things. Usually, I color my hair before pictures 1-2 weeks before. That way, the cut has time to settle in, and if I happen to add red, it’s calmed down a tad before the pictures. I also cut my husband’s hair about 2 weeks ahead so his cut looks fresh,but not overly short in the pictures.

White Teeth

We definitely want to have the confidence to show off those pearly whites! But what if too many sodas have them a bit stained of late? I personally hate whitening strips… So I went to Pinterest to find a better DIY solution, and this one works wonderfully. A little homemade toothpaste the night before with baking soda and I’m good to go!

Drink Water/Take Your Vitamins

Drinking all the water and taking vitamins are always good habits to have anyway, but right before pictures, I try really hard to make sure I make an extra effort! Drinking lots of water and taking vitamins helps clear the skin, give it that extra glow, and can even help decrease some bloating if there is any. (Which is always good right before pictures!)

Build Up Your Confidence

Last, do whatever you do to boost you confidence! Make sure you have some accessories with your outfit that you love. Do your nails. Take a bath, shave, get some eyelashes, whatever you do to make yourself feel great! The more confident you feel in who you are, and how you look before the shoot, the easier it’s going to be to relax and get those perfect shots your dreaming of. I love to listen to podcasts or my favorite music as I get ready. It helps get me excited to capture those moments that I am hoping to!

Summer photos are some of my favorites. The greens, the glowy light in the evenings, and being WARM during the session. Doing a couple of things to get ready can help boost your confidence just a little bit to help prepare you for those perfect pictures!

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