Brent & Denise|Backyard DIY Wedding|

We don’t normally take wedding pictures anymore, but I am so glad we were able to be the photographers for this beautiful backyard wedding this weekend. The weather was perfect, and the whole wedding was a dream.

The wedding took place at the bride’s sister’s house. They had beautiful purple arrangements lined the aisle. They had music playing, and tables set up for a dinner after the ceremony.

Due to COVID, some of the guests couldn’t make it, so the bride’s mother made the cutest flower girl. I loved seeing the joy the whole family had for this couple’s special day. It reminded me of when my brother Nate got married. We started sending memes to each other that morning at like 6 am as we were all caravan-ing to Rexburg for the ceremony.

The bride’s brother-in-law performed the ceremony, and led the sand ceremony. The bride and groom wrote their own beautiful vows, and then were serenaded as they performed their sand ceremony.

After the ceremony, guests showered the bride and groom with bubbles as they walked down the aisle. Guests then mingled as the bride and groom greeted guests on Zoom and took a few pictures before dinner.

We are so glad we could be apart of this beautiful day! We love seeing couples who just glow on their special day. From the little details, to the smiles on everyone’s faces, the day was magical.

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