10 Things

I Hate about You…. just kidding, we don’t do that here. But, there are 10 things you might not know about us, and that would probably be more fun than reading more drama about people on the internet anyway.

1. Where We Met

We met in the Rexburg Temple. Yep, you read that right. I was going to a ward temple night with a friend who was only going for her second time, so I had gone with her. I had spent the whole day working in my classroom, and guys, I didn’t really want to go. I was tired. But I went anyway, so while I was waiting for her, I sat next to this new guy from our church congregation, and that, folks is how we met. We started chatting, and five weeks later… we were engaged. WHIRL.WIND.

2. Hobby

We love cooking shows. We spend a lot of our nights hanging out, feeding the baby, doing homework/editing/blogging etc. while watching cooking shows. Which then inspires us to cook/bake ALL. THE. THINGS. Liam is an amazing cook, so we have tried lots of weird recipes and tweaking things. His next culinary goals are to learn how to make his own sausage, (Thanks Master Chef) and learn how to make sushi (thanks to his sister and brother-in-law). If you have any awesome sausage or sushi recipes, send them our way!

3. Dream Vacation

We like traveling. We’re in that poor college student, new parent stage of life, so, so far we haven’t really traveled very far, or a lot, but we have plans! This year we are planning on a trip to Phoenix, Arizona this December. In a few years, we are planning a big trip to California… to take our sweet girl to Disney of course. On our bucket list, we would love to cruise to Alaska, go on a European tour, and visit the Holy Land.

4. Favorite Holiday

Our favorite holiday is by far Christmas. You guys, it’s crazy. Last year we decorated the day after Halloween… (That is NOT normal, but I was pregnant, hormones are real.) I spend months shopping for all the things, partially for my budget, partially so I can shop for all the things for longer…

5. We’ve cut each other’s hair.

Shortly after we got married, both of us needed a trim…. badly. So Liam, having cut many of his companions’ hair on his mission, volunteered as tribute. He also said he could walk me through cutting his. I’d had mini lessons from my mom and sister, so I said sure. I was petrified when I went to cut it though. Many anxious moments, and lots of pep talks later, we finally got it done. Then it was my turn. We talked about how it was going to go, and then he snipped… and I gasped. “Why are cutting at a diagonal??” He then sweetly explained he cut it at an angle, so I could choose my length… After a few seconds of staring at him, he realized what happened, and I said, “Well I wanted the longer one… but now we are going short I guess.” It turned out fine, it was just a funny experience for two newlyweds.

6. Treat Temptations

I love chocolate…. chocolate anything. Chocolate strawberries, dark, white, milk….. doesn’t really matter. When I get candy around holidays, I will always pick out the chocolates first. Chocolate chip cookies are probably my all time favorite though. My mom used to make the best chocolate chip cookies when I was a kid, and now, I can’t wait to make them with Via. (I mean, I can, I’m just excited.)

Liam on the other hand, LOVES raspberry Dr. Pepper. We have been to almost every novelty pop shop in the area, so he can find out who makes the best one.

7. Personality Types

According to the Myers-Briggs scale, our personalities are fairly similar. I am an INFJ and he is an ENFJ. I like to be at home, and need down time, where he likes to be out and go do things with people. He is more of a morning bird, while I am the night owl. He loves spicy and savory, where I’m more of sweet tooth. For all the Harry Potter fans out there, I am a Hufflepuff, and he is a Slytherin/Gryffindor mix.

8. We have a six-and-a-half year age gap.

Almost to the day. Liam turned 22 this April, and I will turn 29 this October. It’s really not that weird unless one of us hears a song that makes, “Oh my gosh I loved this in….” and the other one suddenly realizes that they were… not at the same stage of life. Or when I found out that he was 3 when the Twin Towers fell, and I was in the 4th grade in math class…. times like that. Then it’s weird haha. But most of the time, we don’t notice at all.

9. We love musicals.

That isn’t quite a shock to those who know me…. being the musically inclined person that I am, but Liam also plays the cello, and loves musicals. We love to throw on an album and sing all the parts on road trips. Our favorites are Disney anything, Wicked, Greatest Showman, Phantom of the Opera, and Les Miserables. (Liam makes a killer Glinda, just so you all know.)

10. Breakfast Mmmmm……

Along with the whole cooking thing, we LOVE to make breakfast. My favorite things is waffles or pancakes, iHop style, with all the toppings. There is the cutest shop in Rigby called the Prepared Pantry, and they make the most BOMB pancake and syrup mixes. Liam is more of the breakfast sandwich, bacon and eggs type.

So that’s 10 things you might not have known about us! What else would you like to know? Leave it in the comments below!

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